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Greetings and Hotep,

Dr Nteri Nelson has given lectures nationally and internationally which includes: the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC); Indigenous African Healers Conference; Cheikh Anta Diop Institute; First World Alliance in New York; Institute for the Study of Race and Culture; The Nile Valley Conference; The Melanin, Sankofa, Mdw Ntr Conferences and more.

She is co-founder of the Academy of Kemetic Education & Wellness. Inc. She teaches an African Centered Educational Model for Psychological, Spiritual, and Character development which is underpinned by the History of Ancient Africa/Kemet and the Diaspora as a way of Self knowledge, healing and health. Her classes on the, Application of the Ancient Wisdom in Modern Daily Living, are helping others find solutions to life challenges. She is a gifted Symbologist and also teaches the language Medew Neter, later called Hieroglyphics by the Greeks.

Dr Nteri is a Master KeMetaphysician, Licensed Clinician, and Teacher. When you register to request  her as Guest Speaker/Lecturer you will receive direct telephone information to contact here office and discuss your Event details (Title, Date, Location, Fee, etc.)  

She serves as an Adept and Teacher within the SHOCK Metaphysical Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School. She has previously served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts African Studies department and as Massachusetts representative for the Eastern Region Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization ASCAC. She currently serves as Eastern Region Representative of the Spiritual Commission.

Dr Nteri’s analysis and synthesis within the psychological, historical, social, behavioral and metaphysical fields gives her deep and penetrative insight into Soul and the journey of unfolding consciousness in the human family. As teacher and eternal student of the African wisdom her years of experiece have made her a firsthand witness to that which both fetters and liberates the Soul in its Spiritual Journey. As a licensed clinician, she has worked in the Behavioral/Mental Health field for the last 35 years and is relentless in the preservation of the African family. She is author of:

  1. Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple/Metaphysical Keys To The Tree of Life
  2. Secrets of Race and Consciousness
  3. MerKaBa:The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life:KaAbBa/Kemetic Technology For Remaking Ourselves As Beings of Light
  4. frican Cosmology Kemet: The Golden Sun Egg Uncracked; The Nun 'N" Word Neggur, Goose God/Goddess
  5. Kemetic Karest mas Celebration & Education
  6. On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate
  7. The Right Relationship Workbook and The Forgiveness Process Workbook.

 Guest Speaking/Lecturing covers a wide range of areas which include (but are not limited) to:

▲Building The Lighted Temple Metaphysical Keys To The Tree of Life                                           

▲Overcoming Impacts of Trauma, Racism, White Supremacy/Fragility Paradigm, Social Injustice, Abusive Relationships                                                                                                                    

▲Fulfill your Soul work and Service in this Lifetime                                                              

▲Honoring Our Ancestors, tapping into the African Origins of Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Sacred Wisdom, Primal Wisdom Sources, and Black Contributions to Civilization for guidance     

▲ Incorporate Lifestyle and Daily Living Practices that demonstrate application of this Wisdom, during the Troubled Times, in which we live today                                                

▲Understanding What Time It Is/The Spiritual Implications of The Perfect Storm  (we now live)                                                        

▲Development of 1st Eye, Knowingness                                                                                

▲Live the 42 Principles of MAAT                                                                                      

▲Focus our 1st Eye in Group Consciousness that we may see Together and as ONE – As no one of us sees and knows what we may all See and Know Together and as ONE                     

▲Explore what is going on physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in order to Re-calibrate and raise the Self to First or Primal Frequency/Vibration
                                                                                                                                          ▲Astrological/Neterological Energy Readings/Knowing Your Energy Make-Up              

▲Dissipate Anxiety, Depression, Trauma PTSS/PTSD, Grieving, ALL that would hinder the Soul in its journey                                                                                                                               

▲Draw upon the right antidote, perfectly blended dose, Spiritual prescription, Elixir of life

▲Strengthen Your Glow, while ‘Building’ a fit structure or ‘Temple’ (which is you) that is capable of bearing an increasing Spiritual vibration 


▲Restore Harmony and Balance of Right Relationship Maat with self, others, and our Planet Earth & Right Knowledge Djhuti/Tehuti in day to day affairs                                           

▲Access to the Ancient language of Mdw Ntr                                                                  

▲Gaining Fortitude and Mastery: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually          

▲Character and Spiritual Development                                                                           

▲Knowing Our History Cultural Competency                                                                                                                                             

▲Stages of Initiation in the Journey of the Soul                                                            

▲Metaphysics of Daily Living                                                                                   

▲Overcoming Impediment: Fear of Death                                                                         

▲Mindfulness, Meditation, Advanced Yogic Meditation and Whirling Practice                

▲Know that we are the Solution we seek and it resides within                                                            

▲Embrace your work in Healing Self, Family, Community and Find your place in Healing The Planet

▲Relationships, Marriage, Couple, Family                                                                                                                               

▲Changing Cognition for Healthier, Positive, Productive Thought Patterns and Emotional Balance                                                                                                                                                                

▲Spiritual Protection                                                                                                                         

▲Routines at your Office/Rituals at your Alter                                                                                    

▲Soulmates, Twin Flames                                                                                                                                                          

I look forward and thank you in advance for inviting me to be Guest Speaker/Lecturer at your upcoming Event. Dua praise and appreciation to you and for you in offering me and opportunity to support your Organization’s goals and share in this, Soul Work and Service together and as One.

Ankh, Udjah, Seneb,                                                                                                          

Life, Prosperity, Health                                                                                                        

Dr Nteri Nelson


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Guest Speaker Lecturer Dr Nteri Nelson Request Form Download FREE Digital PDF

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