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"Building The Lighted Temple" Wisdom Service MEMBERSHIP: Academy of Kemetic Education &Wellness, Inc. Dr Nteri Nelson.

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In the midst of these TROUBLED TIMES -

We Invite your virtual - MEMBERSHIP in
"Building The Lighted Temple,” a Wisdom Service,
with INSPIRATIONAL TEACHINGS by Dr Nteri Nelson, Sundays, 11:00 - 12:15 pm., EST. Register now!

GOALS - learn to:

▲Fulfill your Soul work and Service in this Lifetime.
▲Tap into the African Origins of Ancient Sacred Wisdom, & Black Contributions to Civilization for guidance.
▲ Make Application of Lifestyle and daily Practices of our Ancestors, while living in so called ‘modern’ times.
▲Strengthen Your Glow, while ‘Building’ a fit structure or ‘Temple’ (which is you) that is capable of bearing an increasing Spiritual vibration.
▲Dissipate Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grieving, ALL that would hinder the Soul in its journey.
▲Restore Harmony and Balance of Right Relationship Maat with self, others, and our Planet Earth & Right Knowledge Djhuti/Tehuti in day to day affairs.
▲Enhance Spiritual, Mental, Emotional Physical Fortitude
▲Access to the Ancient language of Mdw Ntr

Wisdom Service(s) will:
▲ Focus and Reflect on readings from Sacred Wisdom texts, which reveal the African Origins of the Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Wisdom. Our primary sacred text will be the, Prt m Hru, The Book of Coming Forth To Day From Night (erroneously mis-named, The Egyptian Book of The Dead, by invaders of Kemet/Africa). Sacred texts from multiple reference sources will also be included.
▲ Deepen Understanding of Temple Ritual, Ceremony, Practice for overcoming that which would hinder the Soul in its Journey.
▲Engage Q&A, Group Call & Response, Discussion.
The Format for each Sunday Wisdom Service will vary to include:
Webinar/Zoom Inspirational Teachings by Dr Nteri Nelson, followed by Q+A; Discussion; Links to assigned video(s) to watch Independently; Assigned readings/studies to complete independently; Invited guest speaker (s).

▲Gold Membership Includes: 

Weekly, Sunday Wisdom Services Attendance, 30% discount Academy Classes, Advanced 1:1 & Private Group Meetings with Dr Nteri Nelson.

▲Silver Membership Includes: 

Weekly, Sunday Wisdom Services Attendance, 15% discount Academy Classes.

▲Copper Membership Includes: 
Weekly, Sunday Wisdom Services Attendance.

Membership benefits include:
1. Fellowship and communion with Initiates advancing along the Path.
2. Greater interaction with Dr Nteri Nelson in her service as an Eternal Teacher and Eternal Student of the African origins of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.
3.Discounts on Academy of Kemetic Education Classes, Services, Events, based on Membership Level.

▲Dr. Nteri Nelson is a Metaphysician, Teacher of the African origins of the Ancient wisdom, Licensed Clinician, Researcher and Author. She is co-founder of, The Academy of Kemetic Education & Wellness, Inc. where she teaches an African Centered Educational Model for Psychological, Spiritual, and Character development which is underpinned by the History of Ancient Africa/Kemet and the Diaspora. (see more About in downloadable file). She has served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the Africana Studies Department. She is an Independent researcher and was a member of The Black Knostic Lodge & Studies for over a decade under the late Dr. Alfred Ligon, and fellow Lodge member with the late Dr Richard King, (father of Melanin Studies). She is featured in: Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy.

She is a gifted Wordsmith, Metu Neter Symbologist and author of: Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple; Secrets of Race and Consciousness; African Cosmology Kemet: The Golden Sun Egg Uncracked; KaAbBa: The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life:MerKaBa; Kemetic Karest mas Celebration; On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate; Right Relationship & The Forgiveness Process Workbooks.

Be sure to see Video/Free E-Course:
Academy of Kemetic Education & Wellness CLASSES & MEMBERSHIP "Building The Lighted Temple" Dr Nteri Nelson

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"Building The Lighted Temple" Wisdom Service MEMBERSHIP: Academy of Kemetic Education &Wellness, Inc. Dr Nteri Nelson.

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